Upper Room - Sunday meeting 1

a warm welcome

As a visitor to the Upper Room we will extend you a warm welcome and encourage you to participate in the activities of the day. If you come with children to our Sunday meeting they are more than welcome to join in with our Sunday school session, which will be announced during the service.

what are Sunday Services like?

Upper Room worship 1

Our Sunday Services usually follow a simple pattern, including a time of singing which we call Praise and Worship (which may include sitting, standing or dancing), followed by a message that is given from the front, and then an opportunity for people to receive hands-on prayer.

During the worship time people express their worship to God in different ways, by singing, raising their arms, clapping, dancing or by kneeling in prayer.

Some people call this ‘happy clappy’, but we say if you are going to worship God then make sure you have fun doing it, and the bible tells us that God sings over us too, so we think that He enjoys it when we are expressive towards Him.

These are all biblical patterns of worship; but do not feel pressured to do the same if you feel uncomfortable doing so. You are welcome to participate and to worship God in the way that you are most comfortable with.

Upper Room - congregation worship 2We don’t use songbooks, but the words for the songs will be put up on a projection screen or overhead. If the songs are unfamiliar to you, you can simply listen and reflect upon the words until you feel confident to join in.

The Praise and Worship is often mixed with times of prayer and notices. Sometimes the prayers are led from the front, and sometimes they come from individuals in the cong

regation, as God leads.

During the worship time the children will be invited downstairs to the first floor to enjoy their own time of interaction and teaching, involving games, craft and other fun activities.

how long do the meetings last?

A typical Sunday meetings last about 2 hours, an hour for the worship, and an hour for the message and prayer ministry. Don’t worry if you have to leave early, that’s okay.

the Message

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Each week we have a time of teaching and ministry from the bible. Where the Speaker shares a message that they have been led to bring to us. It is our belief that the bible is the literal inspired word of God which is to be used for teaching us about God, His nature and character, and to reveal to us how we should live our lives; it is also useful for demonstrating how God loves us as individuals, and for correction and guidance when we sin.

ministry times & prayer

Upper Room - sunday ministry timeAfter the message there is often a tim

e of where people are invited to respond to what has been shared, or to come forward with needs that require prayer.

During this time you may see people falling over, or crying, or shaking as they are prayed with. Do not be alarmed, this is how some people react as a result of God meeting with them, and is a natural response that is described in the bible. For more information and explanations see this page.

If you have a need and feel that you would benefit from prayer, or wish to know more about becoming a Christian, then come forwards, ask your host, or one of our members to help you so that we can pray for you.


We don’t normally take up offerings during our Services unless there is a specific reason to do so; so you won’t need to feel uncomfortable about having to contribute to a collection.

Our income, as a Fellowship, is provided by believers who practice the biblical principle of tithing to God. If you want to make an offering, or donation to the work, then there opportunity to do so is a basket on the table at the side of the Worship Centre, but there is no pressure from us.


On the first Sunday of each month we have a time of communion during the Service. This is a time of remembrance and reflection on what Jesus Christ did for us when He died for us on the cross to take away our sins, and the fact that He rose again three days later.

Communion is an act for those who believe on the name of the Lord Jesus. If you are uncertain of this there is no pressure or obligation on people to participate, it is a personal act.

family Services

Upper Room - team building challenge

The last Sunday of the month is when we have our family services, which are slightly shorter than a typically Sunday. These meetings follow a similar format to a normal Sunday, with praise and worship and a message, however the children stay in the meeting for the message is usually presented in a more interactive style.

Both the children and the adults usually have a lot of fun participating or watching someone else ‘volunteer’ to participate, all in good fun with a serious point.

asking Questions

Question mark shadowedPeople sometimes find it difficult to ask questions about spiritual things, however at the Upper Room we encourage people to explore and discover the meaning of their Christian belief, so we are very open to people asking questions about faith, about what goes on in the meetings, or about anything else they see happening. God is not afraid of any questions you might want to ask of Him so neither are we.

Come again

We trust that you will enjoy your time with us, that God will reveal Himself to you and that you will want to visit us for the first time, or to come back again if you have already visited us.

We enjoy seeing new visitors, whether you are looking to find out more about the Christian faith, visiting because you are in the area, or because you have a need to be restored or healed. We also welcome those who are seeking a deeper walk with God or perhaps a new place to worship.

Whatever reason you come to visit us may God Bless you, and if you want to get, or stay in touch then just contact us through our Getting in touch page, or leave your details with one of the leadership team.