Getting an overview

bibleThe bible is a collection of books that have been put together in a particular order, you don’t need to read it front to back, like a regular book, you can choose what to read and in what order.

If you are new to reading the bible a suggested order would be to read the beginning, the middle and the end;

  • Genesis (to understand how things began),
  • the gospel of Luke (the historical life of Jesus),
  • the book of Acts (the birth of the church),
  • the gospel of John (the spiritual life of Jesus), and
  • the book of Revelation (what will happen at the end of all things).

Reading the Bible in a year

Many Christians choose to read the Bible through every year, so that they can build up their faith and understanding in God and to allow Him to influence their thoughts and the way they live.

One simple structure to help you do this is as follows; on a daily basis read…

  • 2 x Old Testament Chapters
  • 2 x New Testament Chapters
  • 5 x Psalms
  • 1 x Proverb

If you do this then in a year you will read both the Book of Psalms and the Book of Proverbs once a month (12 times a year), the Old testament once a year, and the New Testament four times a year.