This is where we will be building up some links to useful resources that will support you in your Christian walk…

Bible reading plans

Reading and learning the Bible is a key part of being a Christian; the Bible is God’s word written down for us to learn and to lean upon (2 Timothy 3:16). It provides us with details of His nature and intent and it is helpful to learn what God says about himself, what he says about us and guidance on how to live life as a Christian.

At first glance the bible might seem a daunting book to read, but with some guidance you can soon begin to learn how and why it was put together and start learning about the richness of God.

Because the bible is a collection of books, you don’t particularly need to read it from front to back like a conventional book, although some do; you can start in different places, look at the history sections, poetry books, proverbs and wisdom, the more modern times of the New Testament, or of the things yet to come in Revelations.

You can choose what to read and in what order, but if that still a little daunting we have put together some simple reading plans to help you.

Click here for some simple reading plans.