Welcome to the our podcast page.

Our messages are taken from our church meetings, conferences and training events, they are for anyone who is interested in developing their Christian faith and learning more about living in relationship with God through Jesus Christ – please feel free to listen, subscribe or download any of our messages.
Instructions on how to use the media player are detailed below.

Instructions on how to use the media player – any questions just ask.

To play the featured message just click the arrow button in the top box.

The player opens with the latest message highlighted, and the MESSAGES tab open. In this box you will see a selection of the last 6 messages uploaded.

To see more messages you can click the numbered boxes at the bottom, or use the Sort option next to the search box (3 bars symbol) and search using the different sections shown, or use the search box.

  • If you click on a message title more details will appear and the tab will move to NOW PLAYING, from here you can read a summary of the message content, see the date, speaker, event, scripture, etc. On the left hand side of the now playing box there is a blue MEDIA MENU bar and a down arrow, if you click this you will be able to add the message to your favourites, play the message or download it to your computer.
  • You can also share a link to it on facebook, twitter or other social media using the share button.
  • On the NOTES tab you can make and save your own notes from the message, and on the BIBLE tab you can read the main scripture from the message.
  • The PLAYLISTS tab shows the different media playlists that we use, this shows our main message list and other themed content.
  • To find particular messages, speakers, or themes use the SORT button at the bottom of the player, this gives you more search options.
  • You can subscribe to the podcast in your itunes player, or in other media players. To do this at the top of the media player there is a MENU bottom click this and select the subscribe option from the drop down list.

If the message player is not working you can also access our messages via the following web address: http://upperroommiddleton.sermon.net/

For a direct podcast feed into a variety of podcast players you can use this address: http://upperroommiddleton.sermon.net/rss

Just get in touch if there is anything you are not sure about.