Seasons of looking

All people have a time or a season in their lives when they think about the question ‘Does God exist’, or they find themselves simply ‘looking for God’, trying to find out more about Him, who He is, or what He does, or how can I connect with Him?

For many of us at the Upper Room these questions have lead us on our own journeys, through different beliefs and faith backgrounds, until God found us and we became Christians with a belief in Jesus Christ, and through this to became ‘born again’, which is a bible reference to being spiritually re-born.

To help you on your journey of discovery we would be pleased to help you, you could come to some of our meetings and ask questions; you could attend one of our Alpha courses; or you could listen to some other people’s stories (called testimonies).

Looking for God website

looking for God

We have also found this website to be of help for some, called, and by clicking here you can be linked to their site.

On the site you will find some short articles and video clips to help you in your search for answers, on topics such as: Message from God – Fathers love letter; Who is Jesus; and What about you.

One thing to remember

When you are looking for God is that He too is looking for you, not that you are lost because He knows the very details of your life, but He is looking to see if you are looking for Him, and when you do He starts to speak to you, to guide you in your search until you find Him. This is why many people who have become born again Christians will tell you that God found them.

So as you read, or listen or search just be aware that God will be speaking into your life, through thoughts, impressions, or faint voices, to get your attention and to direct you to where He is.

God will help you to find Him,
because that’s the desire of His heart for you!