reaching people beyond ourselves – mission

The upper room has a strong outward vision that runs alongside our work here in Middleton. We believe that it is part of our calling to reach out in love and practical ways to those less able to help themselves.

local mission

As a church we like to meet people where they are, typically this is outside on the street. Being in the heart of the town centre this gives us great opportunity to just step outside our front door and to meet our neighbours and those who pass by.

Street outreach and evangelism (telling people about God’s love for them) regularly features in our programme of activities, speaking to people about the good news we have found, engaging in conversation and offering hospitality and prayer support.

We regularly partner with other Christians in the town where churches work together in joint events and prayer. These have included outdoor events in the town centre, open to all, such as…

Good Friday – Celebration service
December – Outdoor carol service

Other joint events as they are planned…

international Mission work

The upper room supports mission work abroad, outside of the UK. Many of our congregation have regularly travelled to African countries to help local people in practical ways, with teaching, aid, medical advice, and financial support.

Two countries in particular feature in our work, Uganda and Kenya, we even have nationals of those countries, now living in the UK, who attend the fellowship.

Discipleship Mission in Uganda is an indigenous ministry of over 250 churches that reach deep into rural and village life in East Uganda. In Busembatia the ministry has built a school and is in the process of building an orphanage to provide home and education for disadvantaged children and those who’s parents have died, often through Aids.

Discipleship Mission in Kenya is linked to the mission in Uganda, having been born out of the earlier Ugandan work. Based out of Bungoma in Western Kenya, this mission seeks to achieve similar goals, spreading the gospel in rural and village areas of the country.