20141127_092146Christmas can be a challenging time for most families, but more so if you are already struggling to make ends meet and keep food on your table. Middleton Central Foodbank participated in 3 days of collections in local Tesco stores on Thursday 27th – Saturday 29th November 2014.

During this time the people of Middleton were very generous and supportive of the work of the foodbank, and they gave food donations that exceeded our expectations, a whopping 105 crates of food were collected which is a 43% increase on the collections that were held in July of this year.

All we can say is a big THANK YOU for everyone who donated, and for all the volunteers who gave their time to man the collections points. We also want to thank the staff of Tesco extra in Middleton for their help and ongoing support of our work.

20141128_112713We also met Liz McInnes our local MP when she came down to Tesco to chat to us, meet our volunteers and to here how our collections were going. She was excited about our work and has planned a repeat visit to the Foodbank and to the Lighthouse Project in the Warwick Mill.

If you want to get involved or to keep in touch with Middleton Central foodbank there are a few ways you can do this:

Twitter – @M24CentFoodbank
Facebook – /Middletoncentral
Email – info@middletoncentral.foodbank.org.uk
Web – www.middletoncentral.foodbank.org.uk
Telephone – 0161 643 1163