When there is a race, all the runners bolt for the finish line…

Competing for the crownWe are all familiar with the concept of competing and winning, those who run the fastest, of leap the highest, or lift the biggest load, etc. and in this season of the 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow we can see people from all around the world coming together to compete for medals, so that they might be crowned champion!

The Apostle Paul encouraged the Corinthian Church to live their lives the same way that athletes prepare themselves for competition, i.e. they discipline themselves and focus on the goal. He emphasised that whilst people do this for an earthly reward we should be even more focused on how we live the life God has prepared for us because our rewards are eternal.

RunnersCarl picks up on this theme and encourages us to do the same as individuals and as a collective body of believers, to be people who live with a passion for our faith, not just dawdling along as if it doesn’t really matter, but taking hold of life and living it to the best of our ability, seeking Gods face and asking him to help us and show us how to be the people that he created us to be.

We are not here by chance, each generation has its own time and place, and ours is here and now! Let us live our Christian lives in the same vein that competitors do when they are getting ready for major competitions. They do it for a medal, we do it for a crown of glory.

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