Scott Dalton visit to the Upper Room – 30th May

daltons-smFresh from his mission trips around the world Scott is visiting us here at the Upper Room for a weekend of teaching and blessing. Sessions start on Friday evening 30th May 2014 at 7:30pm, and continue through the day on Saturday 31st May starting at 10am and our Sunday service on 1st June at 10:30am.

All are welcome and there is no charge, spead the news and bring a friend to hear about the work Scott and Hilary are doing and to receive a blessing from the Father.

Read about their recent mission trip to Mexico and all that God did through them – see news below.

Mexico City News – Gloria a Dios!
Dear Prayer Team & Friends,
When the LORD speaks, His power is released!  The Voice of the LORD is powerful.  The Voice of the LORD is majestic!  Ps. 29:4  
Scott Dalton Mexico City 3What did we see Him do?  We saw Him break chains of guilt, condemnation, penance and mariology from His people!  In one meeting, lightning flashed at the very moment Scott declared chains breaking!  In another meeting, we saw senior pastors running forward so they could kneel down before the LORD, pleading and weeping over lost souls.  There were a thousand hungry pastors and leaders at the conference ravenous for God!  After Scott preached on the Loving Father their hearts melted in His divine love…
Overall, 50 people rejected sin and the world and chose to follow Jesus for the very first time; and 35 people re-dedicated their lives to Him.
Scott Dalton Mexico City 1An hour before I preached at one church, we experienced a 7.5 earthquake for 90 seconds – we watched the walls become liquid as they swayed in surreal, slow motion.  Shortly after, Heavenly Father told me to preach on “Preparing for Jesus’ Return”.
We saw hundreds of hungry men and women encountering the love of Heavenly Father.   I weep as I write these eye witness accounts of what He did!  We are deeply grateful in our hearts for His Presence.
He gave us stamina to conduct 18 meetings over 10 days at various churches and to lead a pastors and leaders conference.  Many days were 10 – 12 hour days.  We had braced ourselves for 1 star accommodations with bed bugs and cockroaches.  What an unexpected blessing when our Father blessed us with a clean, spacious house with no pestilence in sight!
Scott Dalton Mexico City 2He also provided a wonderful ministry team of 6 people – 2 interpreters (anointed brother and sister), a couple, and the overseer and his wife.  The LORD knew we needed a team because of the crowds of hungry people.  Prayer Team:  Thank you for your prayers – the Holy Spirit poured out into many hearts in many churches through your intercessory prayers!  
Please join us in praying that we would be able to go back as soon as possible to Mexico City!  Ps. 29:9 everything cries, “Glory!”
Gloria a Dios (glory to God), Scott & Hilary
“to ignite a passion for Jesus!”
Scott and Hilary Dalton, Rivers of Grace Ministries,