Guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life

Our heart is a wonderful thing, and we learnt today some of the good things that God has given us when he gave us a heart.  Today’s session is not about the thing that keeps the blood pumping around our bodies, which is our physical heart, but Kelly speaks to us about our spiritual heart.

Matthew 5:8 tells us that blessed are the pure for they shall see God, so if was are able to keep a pure heart it will help us to see and know God more and more. By contract if we allow our hearts to be unclean then this will create blockages for us.

The things that we desire and spend time on reflect where our heart is focused, which means our heart can be moved and directed. (Matt 6:21).

Out of the overflow of our heart the mouth speaks (Matt 12:34), so even what we say is affected by the condition of our heart. So we can clearly see how important a good heart is.

Parable of the sower (Matt 13:1-4)

Jesus taught his disciples something about the heart using a simple parable – watch this animation to see the story told about the seeds.

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Due to a recording glitch there is a short introduction to the recording to explain what was said prior to Kelly speaking. We hope that this doesn’t spoil your experience.


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