How are the Children doing – Uganda Mission 2014


A team from the Upper Room are currently in Uganda on a mission to find out how the orphan children that we, and others,  sponsor and support.

Colin Lloyd, Andy and Cath Stott set off earlier in the week to start their fact finding and speaking trip, please uphold them in prayer whilst they are away, and for much success and favour:

Here are some of the things they are planning to do:

  • update the children’s records and photos
  • recon mission to check out the orphanage and ways forward to improve and building and facilities
  • to exchange gifts, we have over 100 football shirts to present
  • schools evangelism
  • visit the children and have a children’s day with food for the whole school
  • children’s film night ( at the church)
  • local outreach
  • church speaking and preaching
  • visit all schools connected with charity
  • visit the birth place of the initial work – photos
  • look at the internet and how to connect direct to UK via website and phone
  • to identify what tech is needed to allow children to communicate with us in term time

The work of the charity includes

Life Line east africa

We take the orphaned and abandoned children from the streets and give them an education and a home.

This gives them the chance to gain internationally recognized qualifications and the ability to change their societies and economies from within.

Many will become the Leaders and qualified professionals this country so desperately seeks, giving them the vision and mission to change a nation’s future for ever.

Together we can make miracles happen not just for today for these children but we give them the skills to impact generations to come