Tanzania Trip 2014Upper Room Church member and Deacon, Carole Hill, is going on a medical mission to Tanzania. On Friday 11th April Carole will be travelling to Dodoma, in central Tanzania, with a group of nurses from Middleton Health Centre, Ruth and Adele, and another lady called Liz.

Once they arrive that they will be joining Dr Moto and his wife and 40 volunteers in Dodoma.

The main purpose of the mission is for the nurses to visit the chronically sick in some of the local villages each morning along with the volunteers doing the assessments.

Carole says “I will be tagging along and be praying for people.” Whilst there the Doctor & Nurses will hold medical teaching sessions each of the afternoon to train up the volunteers.  Also they hope to establish a pharmacy for the local Dr. To use.  

This is a long term project

Carole Hill - Upper Room  Deacon 2013Each afternoon Carole will do ladies bible studies and craft sessions, painting, etc and a ladies pamper day.  The group will be staying with a family in Dodoma, a Pastor, his family, and attend their church. 

Carole is soooooooo excited.It will be Passover and easter whilst we are away and I will be sharing this with our new family.  I know god is going to do mighty things and I am expecting the unexpected.”

Please pray for protection, provision and that salvation, healing and deliverance are an every day occurrence.  Also pray for the families of those who are travelling.