living an changed life

Where have the spots gone

Dave spoke to the church and the children about the fact that God is the same yesterday, today and for ever. (Hebrews 13:8).

Which means that he is the same as he always has been and always will be; he heals people today from sicknesses and infirmities, and sets people free today from binding ties and bondages, just like he has done in times past.

The world wants us to believe that times are a changing and that we should update the way that we think and live, and let go of all things old and embrace all things new. God says that he never changes and his ways will help us to live in whatever generation we find ourselves, his truths endue and his ways are faithful.

A Changed life - Upper Room Oct 2013But what happens when we start to believe those who don’t believe, then we too start to live a diminished life, but this is not what God wants, he wants us to be changed but according to his plans and not the ways of man.

Dave illuminated his message with humorous illustrations and some interesting illusions.

To hear more you can listen to the message below, or you can download it from our message page.