We have just added a new pray request feature to our website which will enable you or any visitor to submit a prayer request for someone to pray for them.

Praybox logoIt is a simple system, there is a prayer request form here and all you do is fill in the details and click – Submit my prayer request.

The request will then be available for people to pray for on the website prayer request list. Requests can be made anonymously if the person does not want their personal details made know, this option is on the form.

If you like praying for people and you want to pray for someone’s need all you have to do is go to the Pray for someone page, look through the current prayer requests, click on the one you want to pray for and when done click – I prayed for you, and the person will be notified that someone has prayed for them.

The system is a trail so let us know what you think.

Many blessings