Answer to Prayer

Catherine Stott - Upper Room 2013Does God really answer all prayers?  As a new believer in Christ I was a bit dubious.  If I prayed and it came true is it not just all coincidence; and how would I know the difference?

When I first experimented in prayer I thought it was perhaps just that…. Coincidence. 

I began to enjoy my daily prayer, I found that it made my mind a lot calmer and put everything into perspective and it just helped me to ‘do life’.  I chatted to God the same way you would talk to a good friend and I found my prayers being answered on a daily basis, some were small requests and others more significant, but they all meant something to me because I had asked and God had heard me.

More significant answers to prayer for me have been the time myself and my husband needed £2,600 to go on Mission to Uganda.  I prayed about this and we were promised the money for the flights the very next day.

Or the time we couldn’t find my passport anywhere and after praying we were told it was at the car showroom where we had left it 3 months earlier.  Sure enough when we turned up at the garage it was there – in the manager’s desk drawer. Coincidence?

Or the time our daughter was told she had had a miscarriage.  She was in severe pain and devastated to have lost the baby.  She was told to come back on Monday so they could do a scan prior to having a medical procedure.  We prayed all weekend and when she went back on Monday the baby was still there safe and well – in a heart shaped sack.

Or the time when my husband thought he would lose his job because he had made a mistake which had cost the company £7,000.  The boss was furious and he had asked him to go and see him straight away.  As he approached the office he could hear him shouting and swearing about it, and as he took another phone call he asked my husband to wait in another room.  Not knowing what else to do he prayed and when he was summoned back it was like he was speaking to a different person.  His boss had just received a phone call telling him that the matter was being resolved – hallelujah!

Or how about when my husband was very ill and I was struggling to get answers from the NHS – I prayed that I would just have the opportunity to speak to someone about it – two hours later I was sat in the office of one of the Heads of Department at Trafford NHS having tea and discussing my husband’s case.  Coincidence?  I doubt it.

Only recently I was praying that my husband would come home – he had been away at a specialist medical centre in London for the last 7 weeks and had been told he would have to remain there for another 4 weeks.  I was so upset because I was really missing him.  I prayed on the Thursday evening that he would home and the very next day he turned up unannounced at my door.

I don’t believe in coincidences.  I believe that God answers all prayers that do not go against his word and his purposes – and he answers in his perfect timing.

If you want to know more about prayer and the Christian faith why don’t you consider coming coming to the Upper Room, you could even try going on an Alpha course?  It may just be the best decision you will ever make.