A team from the Upper Room led by Pastor Dave Morley is setting off this week to go on a 10 day short-term mission trip to Uganda.

The team will be visiting our long standing mission friends Patrick & Felista Baligasima of Discipleship Missions who are based in Kampla but who run over 350 churches throughout Uganda with links to other churches in Kenya as well.

This mission trip will be the first for some and one of many for others, the team is made up of: Paster Dave Morley, Cath, Trish, and Julian Howarth.

So that you can pray for the team as they minister within Uganda here is the provisional schedule for the trip, we say provisional because things are always subject to change in Africa.

  • Saturday 20th – Kampala Church Crusade
  • Sunday 21st – Kampala Church and Crusades
  • Monday 22nd – Travel to Busembatia and minister in Iganga
  • Tuesday 23rd – Visit and minister in Nanutumba
  • Wednesday 24th – Visit and minister in schools
  • Thursday 25th – Visit Lake Victoria Islands with overnight stay
  • Friday 26th – Busembatia Church and Crusades
  • Saturday 27th – Seminars in Busembatia
  • Sunday 28th – Seminars and Church in Busembatia
  • Monday 29th – Kampala

The church has worked with Patrick and Felista on many occasions and have visited many places in Uganda previously. Discipleship Missions is also supported through a local Middleton based Charity called Lifeline East Africa which encourages the sponsorship and support of orphaned children.