We must come back to having a Kingdom culture within our churches.
Society is no longer attracted to our traditional church culture and the gospel of persuasion, they are looking for truth and reality in these challenging times.

Paster Dave Morley shared an encouraging and challenging word at the joint churches evening service on Sunday 5th August.

God desires us to live in power and to experience His presence with us in all situations. For too long we have tried to persuade people to come to church through various means, but sadly even when they do come they don’t always stay because by the same measure they can be persuaded to leave. Something else is needed.

Jesus and the early Church walked in relationship with God and they lived-out a life of power and demonstration of the Kingdom of God in their communities, with people receiving daily healing and deliverance from the things that hindered and bound their lives. This same power and ability to demonstrate the works and Kingdom of God is available to us today, but we need to make adjustments to realign our lives with Godly living, to build Kingdom culture and not church culture.

Have a listen to the message.

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