We held a believers baptism service on Sunday evening 15th July and six members of the Upper Room were baptised by full immersion.

It started with just two people who wanted to be baptised but as the date drew nearer more and more people wanted to extend the commitment of their faith in Jesus Christ by becoming fully baptised.

It was a great evening and we were hosted by Mills Hill Baptist church who made us very welcome and looked after us really well. Thank you.

On the evening we heard testimony from Andy & Cath, Paul, Ben, Irene and Mel before they entered the water. We have attached a few photographs of the baptisms.

After the candidates were baptised Dave Morley gave a short message and explained the importance of having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and how God still heals and sets people free today just as he did when Jesus walked the earth. He also shared about how God wants to bring every person into a relationship with himself.


“God desires a relationship with every one of you here tonight…”