This is an article that I have recently been sent from Christian International Europe and which I have reproduced to share with you for encouragement and prayer.

Due to the Imminent Collapse
of Society, We Regret to Announce we are Closing
at 6 pm Tonight

This notice was written on a sandwich shop
window during England’s riots and looting. Here we have “natural prophetic voices” and “spiritual prophetic voices” blending throughout this disorder declaring a broken society were an entitlement mentality based upon excessive benefits has led to criminality.

Many people have been allowed to feel the world owes them something and that their actions don’t have consequences. This is a lack of responsibility and selfishness in parts
of our society.

God says; “Who owes you?”
This is not about Human Rights, but excessive benefits conditioning. What is occurring in the natural is contrary to what I am doing in the Spirit.
I am raising a revolution through young radicals, not looters without a cause.


Public Notice
There will be a youth revival, which will not kill, steal and destroy. They will know their God, be strong and do great exploits. This will: 

• Help bring the nation into its destiny,

• Build a spiritual momentum that will forcefully spread through nations.

This is a release of worshiping warriors who will build and advance My kingdom.

As others around the world observe that I am moving in England, they will rejoice in hope. For people will respond better to hope than fear. And the anarchy in the streets of England will give way to Amazing Grace demonstrated in power and love through young radicals.
Rom 5:20, “But where sin increased, grace increased all the more.”Intercessors this is today’s Battle for Britain!

Prophetic word – August 2011

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone