An excited team from the Upper Room have just arrived in Kampala Uganda to spend 10 days sharing the gospel and ministering to people in the Capital and in rural areas in and around Busembatia.

Pastor Dave Morley is leading the team and with him are his son Richard, Trish McConnell, Caroline Lloyd and Richard Towle who is one of the Church Trustees. For some this will be their first visit to Uganda and the mission field, and for others it will be a return visit.

The team will be working with Pastor Patrick Baligasima who runs Discipleship Mission which the local ministry that the church has been supporting for over 12 years.

The programme starts with a few days in Kampala:

  • Saturday 21st includes morning and afternoon teaching sessions and a lady’s event in the evening.
  • Sunday 22nd includes  working with children in the morning sunday school and then two adult sessions for the rest of the morning.
  • Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th include visits to conferences in Dan Iganga, and Kampala to undertake ministry training sessions and evening crusades
  • Wednesday 25th includes travelling to Jinja and Busembatia.
  • Thursday 26th and Friday  27th will include open air crusades around Busembatia and in schools and then with the whole local church on Sunday.

As with any ministry trip the programme is likely to change and it is always flexible, so the full itinerary will come to light as it unfolds.