about the upper room christian fellowship, Middleton

Your building doesn’t look like a church!

It doesn't look like a church
It doesn’t look like a church

This is what a lot of people tell us, but the Bible teaches that a Church is the people who gather to worship God, and not the building in which they meet.

Our building is certainly not what you expect when you think about church, this is because it was originally built as a department store, which has had several uses since.

The upper floors have been converted to be a multi-function place of worship that enables us to meet the many and varied needs of a modern community.

You can be sure of a warm welcome…
and an inviting environment in which to meet.

Our beginnings – the upper room christian fellowship was started in 1990 by a group of local christians who God had called together to begin a new work in the town. After a few years God said that we should get ready, to lengthen the ropes of our tent and to be prepared for growth.

Upper Room refurbishmentShortly after this word we found our current premises in the heart of middleton, they had been empty and derelict for over two years. God gave us favour with the building owners and so began a new phase in the journey of the fellowship.

We are here in the heart of the town, local people who love Middleton, and long to see it blessed by the love of God.

Curious? Come and see us for yourself

Upper Room main meeting area